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1.      What is the scope of the exhibition?

As of November 1, 2018, we have begun PHASE III Curation! We have collected 1323 submissions from 938 designers.  112 Curators from 60 nations engaged in Phase I (National) Curation.  Igor Roussanoff and Susan Tsu have just finished Phase II (Artistic Director and Chief Curator Curation) and have selected 300 submissions from 49 nations for  Phase III Curation by the Bakhrushin Museum curators.


2.      What is the deadline for submissions?

April 15, 2018

Extended Website Submissions: September 12, 2018


3.      Who can submit designs?

You may submit if you are a costume designer, fashion designer, installation artist, costume performer or costume maker. Genres may include, but are not limited to: theatre, dance, ballet, opera, film, television, fashion, devised work, installation work.


4.      How do you define “Emerging?”

There is no age limit but you must have begun your career after 2000.


5.      What if I live in one country but design in others or have dual citizenship? Which country should I identify on the submission form?

We leave this choice up to you.  You will also have a place to acknowledge the theatres and countries where you have worked.


6.      I am a National Curator. May I submit my own work?

If you started your costume design career after 2000, yes, you may submit your work as an independent designer.  You must recuse yourself from voting on your own work during curation.


7.      What criteria and rubrics will the Curators be using?

PHASE I: (By National Curators)

National curators both broadcast news of the exhibition and  solicit designs from emerging designers in their nations. The submission website allows for submitted work by designers to be BLIND CURATED by National Curators with designs  ranked YES, MAYBE, NO according to the individual state of invention in each nation. There is no limit on  the number of submissions each nation may put forward.

PHASE II: (By Igor Roussanoff and Susan Tsu)

Taking into consideration the ranking of the designs and comments submitted from the National Curators, Roussanoff and Tsu review all 1323 submissions, ranking YES, MAYBE, NO.  No limit is placed on whether the designs emanate from Theatre, Fashion, Dance, Opera, Installation or other forms. No maximum or minimum number of works are allocated per Nation. Work is chosen across the board as showing the most inventive use of new ideas, use of materials and unusual forms, numbering 300 submissions to be put forward to the Bakhrushin Curators. 

PHASE III: (By Bakhrushin Curators)

Taking into consideration the  designs and comments submitted from Roussnaoff and Tsu, Bakhrushin Curators review all 300 YES and 145 MAYBE designs for the final physical exhibition at the State Historical Museum in Moscow and determine the final scope of the exhibition which will include high quality prints made from submitted photographs, videos, and 3D costumes and accessories (to be shipped and insured by the individual designers). The submission website requires that authorization has been given by all collaborators  for all work to be used, and submissions are not able to be completed without signed Authorization and Release forms.


8.      What is the curation process and schedule?

NOTE: All curations will be blind curations. Not until Curation Part III will your full information be made available to the curators.

CURATION PART I: September 30, 2017- February 1, 2018. Emerging designers submit work to the IC:NG Submission Website.

NATIONAL CURATION PERIOD: February 1 - April 1, 2018. A team of curators from your nation choose the designs they wish to advance to Curation Part II.

CURATION PART II: April 15 - August 1, 2018.  Artistic Director and Chief Curator curation round.  Roussanoff and Tsu choose the designs they wish to advance to Curation Part  III.

CURATION PART III: September 1- December 31, 2018. Bakhrushin Museum Curation Round.  Bakhrushin Museum Curators perform final curation.  Digital or print designations determined. 3D Costumes determined.

NOTIFICATION: January 1- February 1, 2019. Chosen designers notified of their selection.

3D COSTUME SHIPPING: by May 1, 2019. Those chosen will be given shipping details under separate cover. Designers are responsible for the costs of shipping and insurance. The Museum will insure the 3D pieces once in the items arrive in the museum. NOTE: Return date depends on possible extension of exhibition and subsequent tours. Please send only items that can be loaned long term.  We will notify you as soon as we know dates.


 JUNE 4, 2019                               PRE PRAGUE QUADRENNIAL SOFT OPENING

JUNE 18, 2019                             POST PRAGUE QUADRENNIAL WORLD PREMIERE

JUNE 4- September 4, 2019        INAUGURAL EXHIBITION RUN

Due to popularity, exhibitions at the Bakhrushin may be extended. We will notify all designers and curators if this is the case with Innovative Costume as soon as we know dates.


 9.      When will I hear if I have been selected to the exhibition or not?

January 1- February 1, 2019


10.      If I am accepted, is there funding for shipping my designs/costumes or my travel?

Designers must seek funds independently within their countries.


11.  Where may I see a list of the curators from my nation?

Please refer to the list under the "National Curators" tab on this site.


12. Will I be responsible for printing any 2D images that are chosen to be exhibited in Moscow?

No.  If selected for the exhibition, the Bakhrushin team will take care of all image printing and mounting.


13. I would like to enter work as a part of an artist collective, are teams of artists able to submit work?

Yes.  You may enter work as a part of a team of artists.  We suggest selecting a member of your team to serve as the representative who will complete the submission form(s) on behalf of the artistic team.  If entering as an artistic team, be sure to tell us the name of the team under "Affiliation", and tell us the names of all team members in "Production Credits" on the submission form.


14. How will I be credited?

All exhibition labeling, publications and promotional materials in which the designer's work is used in Moscow, on tour, and on the website will credit that designer and be accompanied by their submitted written materials.  A comprehensive catalogue, on the scope of an encyclopedia of emerging costume design, will feature all chosen designers' Phase III curated images and submitted written materials.


For additional questions:

  • Direct all submission questions to your national/regional curator.
  • Direct all technical questions to Julianne D’Errico: jd.innovativeco@gmail.com
  • Direct questions your National/regional curators cannot answer to Susan Tsu or Igor Roussanoff: innovativecostume2019@gmail.com