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Dear Emerging Designers:


In the spirit of Costume at the Turn of the Century: 1990-2015, we respectfully invite you to participate in the second major exhibition devoted to designers who began their career in the 21st Century. This exhibition will be hosted by the A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum and entitled INNOVATIVE COSTUME of the 21st CENTURY: THE NEXT GENERATION.  The world premiere of this exhibition will take place at the Museum of History, located next to the Red Square in Moscow, Russia in June - August of 2019.


We seek costume designs from designers who entered their fields and created innovative work between 2000-2018. Designs of students, young professionals, independent costume or fashion designers, as well as costume interpreters and costume makers will be accepted. Designers are encouraged to submit their most boundary-breaking work that explores new ideas and/or inventive use of materials and/or explorative incorporation of technology. We are looking for costume renderings, collages, photographs, computer generated design, videos and three-dimensional costumes designed for opera, ballet, theater, cinema, and performing arts.  Innovative fashion design, devised work, wearable art, costume as an installation, and unproduced projects are also welcome.


As curators of Innovative Costume of the 21st Century: The Next Generation, we anticipate revolutionary, creative, original, unusual, unique, inspirational, courageous, innovative, experimental designs from 50+ nations in the world.  We aspire to reveal the visions of life, living, and the future that visionary designers forecast. Our goal is to both curate and document the artistic vocabulary that the next generation of theatre and fashion designers are creating and to generate a platform by which dialogue on the issues of today may be explored.  As before, in addition to an astonishing exhibition in Moscow, an extensive catalogue and website archive will be created, with international tours anticipated.


For additional questions regarding submissions, please contact your national/regional curator.  Direct all technical questions to Julianne D'Errico at : jd.innovativeco@gmail.com. For additional questions that cannot be answered by your national/regional Curator, please contact Susan Tsue or Igor Roussanoff at : innovativecostume2019@gmail.com.



You will find names and e-mails of the national and regional curators in the "National Curators" tab on the browsing bar of this website.



Respectfully yours,



Dr. Dmitry Rodionov-   Head of Project

Igor Roussanoff-   Artistic Director 

Susan Tsu  Chief Curator